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Mandalas are sacred circles used over the centuries by cultures around the globe as symbols of healing and wholeness. They are often used for spiritual transformation, self expression and personal or communal growth.

Mandala is the ancient Sanskrit word for circle and is seen by Tibetans as an ideal diagram of the cosmos, an object of meditation that can lead to enlightenment. It is used by Native Americans in healing rituals. In Christian cathedrals and gardens the labryrinth is a mandalic pattern used as a tool for centering and contemplation.

Mandalas represent wholeness and can be seen as an organizational structure of life, a cosmic diagram that reminds us of our relationship to the infinite. They may be inspired by patterns in nature such as shells, flowers, wave forms and even the fetus in the womb. They may be inspired by architecture and landscape design as well as seen in spiritual places such as Chartres Cathedral in France and Borobudur, Java.

The selection shown here were created with special papers, natural elements, semi-precious stones, broken glass and symbolic elements offered by those the mandalas are created for.