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The Bedford Stuyvesant environment, Propagation, completed in 1990, was a turning point when I understood the wisdom of facilitating others to create their own public art.  Another turning point occurred in 1997 when I orchestrated those touched by cancer in the creation of a Healing Arbor on the Kingston, NY waterfront.  This project, intended for a six month stay, was granted its long term residence by the mayor of that time.  As a living place it continues now on the grounds of Benedictine Hospital in Kingston. 

Currently, I am orchestrating A Pathway Through Time, honoring the Woodstock, NY Library Centennial.  Upcoming, I will orchestrate a Living With Uncertainty Sanctuary, to be created with intergenerational, well and ill or disabled participants.

Iíve orchestrated many indoor and outdoor environments, murals and wallpieces with non professionals of all ages, backgrounds and abilities over the years.  Poignant and life changing, participatory public art involves the creation of communal spaces, ie: waterfront environments, gardens, courtyards, lobby murals and dimensional wallpieces, created through the contributions of intergenerational, multi-abilitied participants.  These community based environments are comprehensive and rich on multiple levels, giving both creators and viewers enormous pleasure and fulfillment