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Since the mid-1980's, intensified with a move to upstate N.Y. thirteen years ago, I became increasingly involved with nature's cycles and her poignant elements, symbolic of birth, death and regeneration. Thus, living and dead trees, roots, limbs, branches, bark, beehives, bird's nests, bones, shells, rocks, milkweed, animal fur, feathers and other elements became the building blocks of my work. These were sometimes combined with man-made elements such as broken glass, rusted metal and stained lexan (simulated stained glass). Gradually a series of Fragility Works evolved, highly textural and dimensional wallpieces, sculptures and installations that focus on the ephemeral nature and complexity of life. In the past year some of these works have been created as studies for large-scale, indoor and outdoor installations through which viewers will move and experience the work from multiple perspectives.