pandemic art

Symbolically the Book of Life relates to spiritual texts from various cultures and religions. In Jewish, Egyptian and other traditions the Book of Life is viewed as a place God records all of us who are under his guardianship and care. To be blotted out of the Book of Life can lead to untimely death and other ills. This series is inspired by earlier works from around the world and within my own body of art.


In this time of challenge and uncertainty we all wish to be protected within our spiritual traditions, through our government, our communities and our personal circles of support. From this imperative, Iíve created the exploratory works, One Page and Talisman. Abstractly, One Page illuminates a poignant message.  Talisman, intended as two pages with script, looks more like a spiritual object, in this case, to protect and keep away evil. There will be other works coming in this series.


One Page