Wings of Ascension Series


This series involves celestial images, inspired by photographs of skies taken from moving planes. Abstract wings grow off the wood surfaces. The wings have a dual symbolism, including both upward and downward energies. They embody ascending energy, offering healing for those who are ill and ascension of the spirit for those who have passed on.

Simultaneously, they symbolize the dead as spirit guardians with descending energy, looking down on their loved ones to protect, guide and in all ways to resonate within the lives of the living.

I conceived of this series following the death of my father and a few years later, my mother. Since that time the wing series has expanded to full wall



Energetic Life and Renewal

Upstate Cancer Hospital; Syracuse, NY; 2019; 24h x 32w x 4.5d; wood, paint, scrim fabrics; broken glass, natural elements