Seasonal Vignettes

Following my Dadís death, my Mom lived with me for four and a half years during the final years of her life (2013-17). Throughout this most challenging period care-giving was my primary focus, overlaid upon professional work as a public/ gallery artist and an educator/art therapist with disabled, ill and elderly people.

Coming out of this period was emotionally draining on personal levels and practically demanding with family obligations. Limited time during the long winter of 2017-18 birthed this series that evolved on its own momentum. The creation of intimate, spontaneous sculptural studies was the perfect means to keep my practice alive on a daily basis. These sculptures became my journal, providing seeds for larger works while satisfying an unstoppable creative energy. They are
grounded with stone, tile and wood bases that support explorations interweaving diverse natural and man-made elements.
As with other series these works embody an appreciation for ephemerality and regeneration.


Bluebird Emanations
2019; 7.5" x 9" x 8"; bluebird, stone,
milkweed, bark, branches