Project III: Living With Uncertainty Sanctuary; an Outdoor Public Place
(conceived in 2000; will be created on public property 2021-2022)

2020-ongoing; Preliminary drawings for Sanctuary, Mount Tremper, NY; approximately 35í x 35í; Trees, locust and cedar limbs, branches, lexan, stained glass paint, glass, bluestone, plantings, etc.

This sanctuary will be an outdoor contemplative public place, built on a calming site. Embracing a public art tradition, the project invites direct participation of a broad community spectrum, joining art and life. Individual, as well as communal grounding and empowerment, will result. Participants will create illuminated paintings that have outdoor longevity, becoming building blocks of the sanctuary structure. An undulating wall will form an interior and exterior space. Alluding to an imperfect circle, asymmetry symbolizes lifeís challenges, fragility and change. This open, dynamic structure may suggest waves of uncertainty that shape our lives. Enhanced by community member components, the sanctuary will help us positively embrace fragility and change. Benches will face a calming center with plantings and a water feature. Spiral bluestone pathways will complete the interior/exterior space.  

Over the years Iíve offered project proposals to public entities in Woodstock, New Paltz and Kingston, New York, as well as Boston, Massachusetts. While a public site has not yet been secured, I am currently seeking one in the mid-Hudson, NY region and/or other places. Please contact me with any leads for an appropriate site that can attract community participation. Stay tuned for project plans and the unfolding of cumulative phases. Community workshops for the creation of art components will be conducted with social distancing if necessary. Alternately, contributions may be guided remotely so participants can create art components in their own settings. One way or another this collaborative sanctuary will be created in due time.