Project II: Transforming Uncertainty: Circles of Time, an Outdoor Sanctuary
(conceived in 2018; in process on private property)

2020-ongoing; Preliminary
drawings for Sanctuary, Mount Tremper, NY; approximately 35’ x 35’ x 12' high; Trees, locust and cedar limbs, branches, lexan, stained glass paint, glass, bluestone, plantings, etc.

Growing from an environmental language developed over a lifetime, this contemplative sanctuary will become a living place that I’m creating. Working daily and year round, it will manifest a deeper, more subtle vision. At its roots the sanctuary encourages all to live fully, embracing life’s cycles, death and regeneration. It propagates an acceptance of fragility and change, encouraging wisdom, peace, strength and resilience to transform uncertainty.

An organic circle of living trees establishes the environment’s perimeter. A central arbor, constructed of cedar and locust, will be built within the trees. Illuminated painted components will be installed from a gridded upper structure. Activated by changing daily/seasonal sun cycles and solar lighting, these will create holographic effects while merging visually with the landscape. Bluestone, benches, pathways and plantings will complete the sanctuary.

A 2019 Adolph Gottlieb Fellowship allowed me to concentrate on preliminary planning and studio work for this project. Construction on site begins in the spring of 2020. Digital contributions from community members may inspire images that I hand-paint, to become sanctuary components. (Contributors will be credited when appropriate). Installation of art components begins in the summer, with benches, pathways and plantings following in the fall. Other changes will occur over time. Project phases will be well documented and shared on this website and social media.