Project I: The Positive in Uncertainty:
                A Social Media Public Project

The magical unknown of creativity teaches us how to embrace uncertainty. Visual arts and writing are wonderful, accessible, therapeutic vehicles to stay focused, strong and spiritually grounded. During our highly uncertain period of sheltering in place, please join this social media process to transform fear, depression and other challenges while developing positive attitudes and coping strategies. People of all ages, backgrounds and abilities are invited to contribute visual and written expressions. Submissions will be posted through facebook and instagram, with a curated selection on my website.

How do you live with uncertainty to navigate its currents and waves? What does uncertainty look like? How does it feel in your body and mind? What attitudes and practices are helping you manage this crisis, individually and communally? These questions may plant seeds for creative responses. Please offer your drawings, paintings, collages and photographs which can include text, as well as text alone. Your creations may be immersive, abstract, soothing, hopeful, spiritual, humorous or anything else. No art experience is required. Any kind of expression, rough or more refined, is welcome.

Here is a sampling of my uncertainty art, created during the pandemic and years earlier. Soon there will be a sampling of your work.

Sending illumination, creativity, calm and ingenuity to all. 


covid reflections
pandemic art