Magical and welcomed, creativity helps us transform the uncertainties of life into positive modalities for living with beauty, meaning, illumination and fulfillment.

Positively transforming uncertainty is a pressing imperative in our lives, heightened by the coronavirus pandemic. To this end three related uncertainty projects are engaging the community in a creative dialogue, leading to the building of outdoor contemplative sanctuaries. These projects will improve personal grounding while ingesting the community with a comprehensive rendering of positivism and ingenuity. A social media process is underway, followed by two outdoor places, one started in 2019 and the other, 2021-22. Diverse creations will enliven the digital world as some become sanctuary art components in time. Please click each project for fuller description.

Project I    The Positive in Uncertainty:
                  a Social Media Public Project involves an ongoing
                  social media community process.

Project II   Transforming Uncertainty; Circles of Time, an
                  outdoor sanctuary on private property, is in process.

Project III   Living With Uncertainty Sanctuary; outdoor on
                  public property, to be created collaboratively with
                  people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, will
                  begin in 2021. 


As a public and gallery artist, my long time concerns have been life, with all its frailties and uncertainties, death, metamorphosis, regeneration and ascension. I have focused on issues of uncertainty for over twenty years which led to the projects outlined above. In 1997 I orchestrated the Healing Arbor, a collaborative public art sanctuary involving those touched by cancer. Enthusiastically embraced by the public, the arbor enjoyed thirteen years on the Kingston, NY waterfront, followed by seven on the nearby Benedictine Hospital campus. Transforming my public art practice while launching me into the arts for wellness field, the arbor inspired my conceiving a Living With Uncertainty Sanctuary in 2000. This public art, collaborative project will empower individuals, while building and enriching the community at large.