Ecological and Lifeforce environments

This installation is part of an ecological exhibition with the imperative that it decompose over time. As an interwoven sea creature, this mandalic spirit guardian symbolizes the iinter-weaving of healthy ecosystems. Symbolically, it protects the environment, guiding its growth, decomposition and renewal. Composed of tree limbs, branches, vines, burlap, rope and twine, it hangs from a circular scaffolding of trees. Hand-dyed cotton, silk and burlap strips are the dynamic connective fibers. Over the past months the colored fibers have faded as intended. The symbolic guardian, now more visually subtle, integrates with its surroundings. While still in tact, the interwoven structure will gradually decompose into the water and earth below, feeding the interacting plants, aquatic creatures and insects. Uncertainty and ephemerality are at
play here.


Summer overview of the spirit guardian, sea creature installed over the pond

Transmigration Through Time
Compose to Decompose Sculpture Exhibition
Unison Arts Center; New
Paltz, NY
2019-20; 18 x 16' x 15'; tree limbs, rope, branches and vines, hand-dyed, organic cotton and burlap strips,  twine and aircraft cable