Cycles of Renewal

This wallpiece series has been evolving for many years, related closely to the evolution of outdoor, site-specifc environments set in nature. The selected group presented here, focuses on cycles of nature and renewal in different ways.

These works were created during different periods. Most recent are the two maquettes, Springtime Rebirth and Sunrise, Sunset, created for a new wing of the Upstate Medical Cancer Center in Syracuse, New York. These layered works are intended as large wall installations, to be illuminated between the layers. The front layer, a simulated stained glass painting, blends with, yet counterpoints the back layer, a more dense painting. Holographic effects result. 

All of these works combine diverse media, such as bark, branches, transparent and heavier acrylics, lexan, wood, paper, and broken glass. They are intentionally ephemeral, often exploring life’s fragilities, changeability and uncertainty.

Springtime Rebirth    
2017; 22" x 12" x 2"; wood, lexan, heavy and transparent paint, leading, branches, broken glass

This Asian inspired maquette was created to plan a large wall installation, intended for a hospital setting. The top image shows the two layered piece with simulated stained glass in front. The bottom image shows the back painting by itself.