Cycles of Renewal

This series is inspired by nature’s transformative states including seasonal changes, ascension of the spirit following death and wisdom reaped through circles of time. They have been evolving for many years, often triggered by personal or global events. Spring Rhapsody, the most recent work, sprung forth during early days of the Corona virus. Perhaps this piece is a search for beauty and rebirth as spring emerges against the horrors of an overwhelming pandemic. The organizing material in Germination/Rebirth are weeds gathered on late fall walks near water as the seasons change. Ascension of my dear friend’s spirit after her untimely death, inspired Enid Arising that features her metal-smith components. Earlier sculptural installations explore environmental and time issues.

Inspired by The Three Fantasies, composed by Albin Zak, against the backdrop of the Corona Virus pandemic, this work speaks of an insular hearth birthing beauty and positivism.
Spring Rhapsody
2020;  31”h x 20”w x 13”d; found wood, water weeds, roof material, silk flowers, fishing line, broken glass.