Contemplative Environments

Through organic processes over time, I became keenly focused on the creation
of contemplative environments, both solely-created and collaborative. Two projects were transformational, Propagation, 1988-96 and the Healing Arbor, 1997-2017, included in this series.

This environment honors the 50th Anniversary of the Woodstock Festival
and the psychedelic era. Simulated stained glass components create a journey through time, as well as a
journey to achieve higher consciousness.

Mandala components hang from living trees. Hand-painted rocks were contributed by community members. Benches invite contemplation.



Seasons of Transcendence

Psych Out Exhibition
; Byrdcliffe Arts Colony; Woodstock, NY.; 2019-20; 80 x 20 x 22; Living trees, limbs, branches and wisteria roots, lexan, stained glass paint, leading, aircraft cable, fishing line, painted rocks

Overview of the central walk through simulated stained glass panels towards a stream. Changing sunlight illuminates the panels daily and seasonally.