Freestanding Sculpture and
Indoor/Outdoor Installations

Transformative states, including life with its frailties and uncertainties, death, metamorphosis, regeneration and ascension are primary concerns in my sculptural work.

These explorations, organized in series, are shown indoors and outdoors. For the most part they grow spontaneously and cumulatively, rather than through preordained planning. They are inspired by nature’s cycles, embodying appreciation for life’s metamorphosis, death’s transmigration and wisdom through time’s passage. Integrating direct experience in the world, they draw from personal experiences, as well as insight gained through facilitating  individuals and communities.  

Materials are discovered while walking, left over from house maintenance and found in all manner of everyday life. Indigenous and man-made elements include roots, milkweed, stone and other natural components, interwoven with broken glass, ceramic tile and metal mesh or wire.

Reflecting long time concerns they evolve into structures, such as tall weed sculptures and totems, spirit guardian masks and beehive/nest mobiles. Cycles of Renewal and Fragility Works have evolved for many years as indoor/outdoor installations and gallery works.

A related glass book, is a holographic microcosm of outdoor installations, created with transparent, layered panels. The glass book will be produced as an intimate sculpture for galleries, museums and individual contemplation.

Recently emerged during long winters, seasonal vignettes keep my practice vibrant when life’s demands consume primary time. These spontaneous studies are stream of conscious meditations that create a fulfilling daily journal.



cycles of renewal

spirit guardians

seasonal vignettes

fragility works
beehive and totem works