art in response to the pandemic


Grouped together Covid Reflections is an installation set in nature. Individually and as a group they evoke regeneration, renewal and faith during a most challenging time of sickness, death, fear, entrapment and isolation. They seek to plant seeds, reach for light and emerge from darkness while propagating calm, acceptance and the transformation of uncertainty into proactive positivism. Each work has its own identity. Collaboratively, they merge with their surroundings, expressing acceptance, symbolized by the blurring of boundaries and contexts.

This series of seasonal vignettes emerged during the Coronavirus pandemic  when life is uncertain and unprecedented. Though I was trying to stay focused on pressing projects, imposing discipline at the computer, my creative energy was unstoppable. These works evolved in a quick, connected flow as one led automatically to the next.


Covid Relections
Overview with Four Sculptures
2020; mixed media