Contemplative Environments

Initiated through a community garden movement, this environment transformed a former dumping ground into a highly trafficked, enthusiastically enjoyed public place. This holographic installation encompassed 30, 4 x 8 transparent panels with hand-painted images of real people working in their neighborhood. Text and some construction assistance was offered by community members. This transformative project raised my consciousness about collaborative, community-based artmaking. It led to a Public Art and Education Program that I created and conducted for this community,1990-96, even after I relocated to upstate NY in 1994. From that time forward I became a strong proponent of collaborative public art, finding it most appropriate for community members to create art for their own communities.


Artist in Gardens; Operation Greenthumb; Bedford Stuyvesant, NY
1988-96; 16 x 24 9; steel, lexan, hardware cloth; aircraft cables, stained
glass paint, leading, hardware, etc
    Overview of environment with layered simulated stained glass panels of the real people and neighborhood. Changing sunlight moved through the panels, creating a holographic experience.