Gottlieb Foundation Fellowship; one of twelve mature artists chosen in 2019.


          2019-ongoing; Planning and Creation of Embracing Uncertainty; Circles of Time.
Drawings for Sanctuary, to be built in 2020; Mount Tremper, NY; approximately 35’ x 35’ x12h’
          Trees, locust and cedar limbs, branches, vines, lexan, stained glass paint, glass, bluestone, plantings, etc.

With the help of a Gottlieb Foundation Fellowship, planning and development for this living sanctuary that will evolve over time, began in 2019. It grows from a vision and environmental language developed over a lifetime. At its roots, the sanctuary encourages all to live fully by embracing life, death and regeneration in many dimensions.
Longtime concerns of nature’s cycles includes states of fragility and uncertainty. My visual and conceptual language integrates living and dead natural elements with simulated stained glass components. Color, transparency and light will activate layered hand-painted elements to achieve holographic effects. Site-specific structures, composed of
natural elements will interweave with man-made, ephemeral components as all merges with the surroundings. The environment will include a central arbor, as well as organic landscaping, seating and pathways, leading to various parts of the property. In the spring, 2020 the site will be prepared with construction beginning by the summer. Fabrication
of stained lexan components, currently in process, will be installed by fall, 2020, along with benches and landscaping. Illuminated by changing daily and seasonal sun cycles, as well as solar lighting, the sanctuary will propagate peace and groundedness during challenging times. Project phases will be well documented and shared with a larger audience through various means.


 2019-20; Seasons of Transcendence; Byrdcliffe Arts Colony, Woodstock, NY

Emergent Wisdom

 2019-20; Transmigration Through Time; Unison Arts Colony, New Paltz, NY

 2018-20; Ascension Unison Arts Colony, New Paltz, NY

 Gallery/Syracuse Exhibition; Upstate Cancer Hospital, Syracuse, NY

 2017; Lifeforce; A Gift From the River; Undercurrents; Dorsky Museum; New Paltz, NY


2020-ongoing; Preliminary drawings for Sanctuary, Mount Tremper, NY; approximately 35’ x 35’; Trees, locust and cedar limbs, branches, lexan, stained glass paint, glass, bluestone, plantings, etc.

2020-2022; Living With Uncertainty Sanctuary;
will be an outdoor contemplative public place, to be sited in Ulster County, New York.  It will be built on a highly trafficked site, facing a calming vista.  This project involves the design and building of the environment, as well as a process through which intergenerational community members create simulated stained glass art components that will form the Sanctuary structure.  Designed to enhance the site, an undulating steel or cedar wall will form an interior and exterior space creating an imperfect circle, implying that life is full of challenges.  Asymmetry symbolizes fragility and change.  Benches will focus on a calming center with regenerative plantings and possibly, a water feature.  The interior/exterior space will be completed with earth tone pavers and indigenous bluestone in a spiral configuration of pathways leading to and around this contemplative place.



2021-ongoing; Engagement With Life Visual Arts; Woodstock, NY
This intergenerational community-based art program will engage people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities or disabilities in the creation of individual and collaborative art. This program will be ongoing throughout the year and over numerous years. Annually, participants will create a public art project or cumulatively continue a project started in a previous year.

2014 - ongoing; Engagement With Life Arts for those with developmental disabilities; 2014-ongoing; Sponsored by Greystone Programs; Dutchess County; NY. Youth and adults engage in diverse individual and collaborative artmaking, including drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, mural and tapestry creations.

2019-2022; Holocaust Survivor Project:  Sponsored by Jewish Family Service; Ulster, Dutchess and Orange Counties, NY.
Holocaust survivors engage in the visual arts through series’ of home visits and individualized art-making. Survivors work with drawing, painting, mixed-media, collage and sculpture.

2019; Engagement With Life Visual Arts for those touched by dementia and other issues of aging;  Ulster County, NY
Those with aging issues engaged in diverse individual and collaborative artmaking.