Spirit Guardians

These male and female spirits aspire to raise our consciousness about illness and death that transmigrates into rebirth and wisdom. They have been shown outdoors during warm and cold seasons, as well as in gallery settings. The series was inspired by a call for masks to support a fund raiser at the Upstate Medical Cancer Center in Syracuse, New York. Though I never created masks before, this project was compelling and of interest after working many years with the cancer community. The masks have an underlying armature provided by brain cancer radiation shields that lend not only physical structure, but depths of meaning. The earlier set of masks were donated to the cancer center. Inspired by the experience, I requested another set of radiation shields which evolved into Treeman Renewing and Wisdom of the Bittersweet.



Treeman Renewing &
Wisdom of the Bittersweet
2019; 34h x 26w x 16; bark, branches, copper, glass