Fragility Works

For many years Iíve explored issues focused on lifeís frailties and uncertainties.

Inspired by the wisdom of natureís cycles, Iíve been interested in seasonal births, metamorphosis, death and regeneration. Iíve been particularly inspired by the movement of water, experienced in the oceanís waves and other water-body currents.

In my thinking the change of seasons and movement of water connect with the magical unknown of creativity. Through my own art, combined with facilitating others, Iíve come to see creativity as a positive embracing of the unknown. In creativity we welcome uncertainty though in life we fear the unknown and are scared of change. While these works recognize the ephemerality of life and nature, they reveal underlying strength, comfort, beauty and wisdom in uncertainty.

These works integrate ephemeral natural and man-made elements including milkweed and broken glass. The Fragility of Life glass book, inspired by holographic installations, is an experimental project to be resolved and produced in time




Lifeforce Arising II
2017; Outdoor Installation; Shokan, NY
sizes range from 76"-96" h, 24" w, 25"d
wood, bark, branches weeds, milkweed