Movement of Water

Throughout my life Iíve been fascinated with moving water, with the oceanís wave dynamics, with lake, stream and pond currents, with the calm or intense, daily and seasonal changes in diverse water bodies. In recent years the movement of waves has inspired my understanding of and ability to embrace uncertainty. I am an avid swimmer, who may be seen long distance, lake swimming with a beloved Golden Retriever, even in cold temperatures. As a young artist through the present, Iíve been painting water dynamics, on site, through the seasons.

Inspired by the movement of waves as a metaphor for the integration of different realities, I began creating layered indoor and outdoor installations in the 1980ís. This early work incorporated individual sewn, drawn and painted transparent panels that visually merged into each other, at times, holographically. The exploratory drawing accompanying my Artist Statement (see About) preceded this installation work. In that piece each scrim panel represents one wave or one reality, merging seamlessly into the next.

From 1994 through the present, Iíve been creating Lifeforce..., outdoor installations along regional waterways and related indoor gallery installations, incorporating elements collected along the waterís shores. (View these works in public art galleries). Dimensional wallpieces grew organically from this long term exploration. Examples here show the waterís calm and dynamic movements, its circular and ever changing, abstract currents. Mixed-media elements include bark, branches and ephemeral milkweed, shells and fragile, broken glass.


Jewels of the Sea
2012; 28" x 24" x 2"; glass, paint