pandemic art

We all need to embrace these difficult times from a deeper place, to have compassion for those who’ve suffered through the Coronavirus, to those who have not survived its ravages, to the courageous front line workers helping us through the crisis, to most of us scared about the economy, to our animals who can no longer run free, to all of us who are not free.

Lost in a corner behind house plants, this totem reappeared when planting garden seedlings. Listening to Governor Cuomo daily, I responded to his practical wisdom and importantly, his heartfelt compassion. Suddenly I was working intensely, feeling an urgency of the heart as I interwove the dual fragility and strength of glass with natural elements. Focused on the heart, we will discover strength, resilience, creativity and ingenuity to forge a new reality.


Heart Thrust
2020; bark, branches, water weeds,
broken glass, netting, fishing line