Stages of Winemaking

A Year Long Celebration of Art and Wine 
involved artists collaborating with regional wineries, followed by a series of exhibitions. I was drawn to the Millbrook Winery in Millbrook, New York because of its long history, its innovative work in regional and international viticulture, its interest in the arts and its excellent wines. It was gratifying to be chosen by this winery as their artist/collaborator.

I evolved a wallpiece series that depicts the stages of winemaking. I collected vines and leaves from the grounds, as well as oak staves from the winemaking barrels. Frames were made from the staves. These works sought to depict a sophisticated, nature-honored process with dimension, delicacy and detail. While some materials are fragile, special varnishes insured their longevity. I began the series in the fall of 2010 with harvesting, completing the cycle in 2011. These works traveled throughout that year and then were exhibited at the Millbrook Winery for the following year.

The harvest season involves feverish activity both in the vineyard and the winery to harvest the ripe grapes before inclement weather dilutes the hard work of the growing season.  Here robust grapes are hand picked and collected.


2011; 28"x 35" x 4"; oak staves, wood, grapevines, leaves, acrylic paint, broken glass