Transmigration of Soul

Throughout my career, my art has focused on the cycles of nature, including life, death, metamorphosis, regeneration and ascension. I began my professional life, working in inner cities, focused on community revitalization. For the past twenty-three years Iíve worked professionally with those touched by cancer, traumatic brain injury, mental illness, dementia, autism and other conditions of serious illness and disability. Simultaneously in my personal life, I lost two of my closest friends to untimely deaths, as well as the loss of my parents who thankfully, enjoyed long, happy lives. In total, my initially abstract concerns deepened in meaning through concrete realities.

The Wings of Ascension series was inspired by the death of my father and a few years later, my mother. The Transmigration of Soul series began in response to the untimely death of my best friend and artist, Enid Kaplan.
Dimensional wallpieces, memorializing her spirit, evolved in two waves, immediately following her death and about five years later.
These works incorporate her metalsmith components and small sketches, seeking to embody her spirit. The dynamic color and texture reflected her persona, not mine. Hands of Eternity includes her self-portrait with the hands of her husband and child. Journey includes text of our deep and expansive friendship.

Most of the Transmigration of Soul series are works inspired by Enid. Other works, such as Doctor Rose, created with dried roses and glass, speak of renewal in the life of a living friend. Excavation of Love incorporates the skeleton of a beloved cat who was discovered unexpectedly as one might on a geological dig. Embracing Life; Einstein and OíKeefe is a quirky piece that integrates these two inspiring people, both fully engaged in life and their creative work.

Hands of Eternity
2008; 50" x 64" x 3"; Hand-made paper, acrylic paint,
scrim fabric, thread, branches

 Honoring my deceased best friend, this wallpiece features Enidís self portrait with her moving artist hand in the lower section, integrated with the hands
 of her husband and son.