earlier uncertainty art

The Fragility of Life Book was originally developed for a book grant in 2013, sponsored by the Library and Research Center of the National Women’s Museum. It is experimental, approaching the book form as a holographic installation. Structurally the book is based on the golden spiral with a belief in the spectrum of circles. As observed in cycles of nature, all life weaves around cycles of breathing, birth, death, renewal and so on. Everything exists in a harmonious system, as in the waves of the ocean and the unity of nature.

The glass book aspires to become a golden spiral with pages blending imperceptibly into each other, unifying different realities. The intertwining threads of my personal and professional life, including gallery and public art, educational and therapeutic work, inspired these pages. As a first attempt, I gathered images from related wallpieces and sculptures. I wrote text for some pages, grieving the loss of a best friend, the joy of a new friend, expressing worries about the environment, etc. In time I will create another draft, with the intention of producing these books for museums, galleries and private contemplation.


Fragility of Life Book
2013; 10" x 8" x 20";  glass panels text overlay