Fragility of Life Glass Book

The Fragility of Life Book was originally developed in 2008 for a book grant, sponsored by the Library and Research Center of the National Women’s Museum.  It grows out of the whole body of my professional work.  For the past thirty years I intertwined the threads of my life as a public and gallery artist, educator, and fine arts therapeutic facilitator of intergenerational groups, as well as people with disabilities and life threatening illnesses. 

On all levels my work is deeply involved with the regeneration of individuals and communities.  I have been consciously focused on the cycles of life, death, and renewal in my mixed-media wallpieces, sculptures and environmental installations.  Since moving to upstate New York in 1994 I created ephemeral installations along local waterways, ie: Lifeforce, A Gift from the Hudson River, Schoharie Stream or Rondout Creek, created with indigenous natural materials found near the sites.  I also created waterway installations at Unison in New Paltz and other regional places.  As well, I created contemplative places in the public realm, such as a Healing Arbor built on the Kingston, New York waterfront in 1997 (moved in 2010 to the Benedictine Hospital campus) with those touched by cancer.


Fragility of Life Book
2008; 10" x 8" x 20";  glass panels text overlay