Ecological and Lifeforce environments

This installation joins the long tradition of art inspired by nature, honoring the 400th anniversary of the Hudson River during an extremely rainy season. The trees, their roots and branches, are universal symbols of life and regeneration, stability and balance. Symbolic of fluidity and change, the tree’s rootedness and the water’s flexibility, offer inspiration for dealing with life’s challenges. Built in the water it changed with the tides, sometimes partially submerged in high tides. Embodying a confluence of history and nature, it was largely washed away in a storm, then rebuilt, ultimately to be washed away again. It’s ephemerality led to regeneration over time. During the process both a floating dock and a boat were lost.


Shown in low and high tides
Indigenous elements ie: half dead tree


Lifeforce; Flowing Waters, Enduring Roots
Sculpture Biennial Kingston, NY
2009; 65’ x 16’ x 9’; limbs, roots, river
glass, bricks, lexan, stained glass paint