Contemplative Environments

Originally sited above and around
a pond, this installation features a kinetic horse, spirit guardian, symbolically protecting the environment, evoking movement, expansion and universal wisdom. Lines of river glass symbolize energy.

A text panel, excerpted from a
Maya Angelou poem, honors nature’s processes. Changing sun cycles create shifting reflections, evoking an appreciation for change, uncertainty, the unknown and life’s ephemerality. This installation relocated to a grove of trees in the more permanent part of the Sculpture Garde in 2019.

Evolved through several exhibitions; Unison Arts Center; New Paltz, NY; 2017-ongoing

Emergent Wisdom

18‘ x 20‘ x 13’; Tree limbs, branches, vines, lexan, stained glass paint, leading, river glass, fishing line, hardware, etc.

    Overview of the horse spirit guardian in its new location since the summer of 2019. It will remain on this site, long term