Lifeforce Indoor Installations


This installation, related to Emergent Wisdom, over the pond, hung in the center of the Dorsky gallery from a very high ceiling. It evolved from my long time Lifeforce series along regional waterways, honoring the Hudson River. It seeks to embody the movement, power, calm and ephemerality of changing tides. All components were gathered by the river except the fabricated simulated stained glass. Hanging lines of river glass, rocks, bricks, and limbs on the floor embodied history and the passage of time.

Overview of the whole installation with tree limbs hanging from the high ceiling down to the floor components.


Gifts of the River
Undercurrents: the river as metaphor Samuel dorsky museum of art; New paltz, NY; 2017
15' x 75' x 8'; lexan, paint, branches, glass, rocks