pandemic art

Fascinated by beehives and bird nests for many years, I delightfully harvest these ingenious habitats after their use has expired. The bees return annually to weave their stunning habitats and work their pollinating magic. While challenged by colony collapse disorder since 2006, the last five years have shown improvement; a remergence of the bee population and functioning. Perhaps we can draw some inspiration from the returning health of bee colonies and other species.

Though currently overwhelming, the struggles, fears, entrapment and uncertainties of the Coronavirus will eventually pass. in time there will be a remergence of health, safety, economic security and ease of life throughout the world. Moving forward, this experience will hopefully propagate a higher consciousness, greater resilience and thorough preparation.



Circles of Time in Sun  2020
Outdoor Beehive Installation; 2020; fishing line
beehives, branches, vines, weeds, broken glass