Beehive and Totem Works

Art Society of Kingston, NY
2015; Ceiling Installation; beehive, milkweed, broken glass, copper wire, branches
Growing out of my love of nature and daily walks with my beloved Golden Retriever Iíve been thrilled by the discovery of beehives, bird nests, milkweed, lichen and other compelling, beautiful, seasonal and abundant natural elements. These collections have led to a series of mobile installations that centralize around the natural habitats, gathered after their species have fled. When combined with lines of broken glass these works become kinetic and ephemeral, alluding to changing cycles through time. The installation, Metascension, explores the phenomenon of metamorphosis and ascension by integrating beehives, symbolic pupas and lines of moving glass, installed from a gallery ceiling. The totems shown here exemplify a fuller series of totems and tablets, inspired by indigenous and early cultures.