Ecological and Lifeforce environments

Merging with its transitional site this installation joins two sculptural fields, the Unison Sculpture Garden and the Composed to Decompose Exhibition. Upside down tree roots seek to evoke an awareness that our larger environment has become unbalanced and toxic. Here growth prevails regardless of humans’ lack of consciousness, resulting in environmental abuse. The skyward roots of the dead trees also symbolize ascension, seeking to propagate a positive, activist community that demonstrates wisdom and responsibility in protecting its environment. Living vines entwine with the dead roots, evoking regeneration. Quietly this installation speaks of life, death, and renewal. After a year and a half it has begun to lean to one side, gradually to fall apart entirely and feed the surrounding ecosystem.

Overview of the installation in the
summer of 2018. Bits of new growth
in the
structure and on the ground
are regenerating this site

Compose to Decompose and
What's Next Exhibitions
Unison Arts Center, New
Paltz, NY
2018-20; 7' x5' x 6.5'
Tree roots, locust/cedar base; rope