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Magical and welcomed, creativity lends beauty, meaning, and illumination to our lives, helping us transform the unknown into positive modalities for living, with integrity and fulfillment, during challenging times.

My art is my lifeforce, my spiritual guide. For many years Iíve created environmental public art and gallery works that embody transformative states including life, death, regeneration, metamorphosis and ascension. This work also includes ecological and historical concerns. Outdoors, I create contemplative and immersive environments; when possible along waterways, that are site-specific, changing over time. Indoors I create installations, sculptures, dimensional wallpieces and paintings. My art embraces ephemerality and uncertainty, growing from strength and resilience. Inspired by nature, I study changing realities as symbolized in the fluidity of water, shifting skyscapes and ephemeral wings.

Living with uncertainty (the unknown), is a fundamental journey of life, a journey that unfolds like the oceanís moving waves. In the shaping of waves, formed by continuous, opposing and uncertain forces, shifting boundaries result in rhythm and symmetry; a kind of harmonic order. My path has unfolded like moving waves, with one experience shaping the boundaries of the next, and then, the next.  

I explore new ways to depict what I experience directly and what my work in the world teaches me. Through various means, my work interweaves different realities. In pursuit of visual and conceptual truth, integrity and beauty I experiment with materials, techniques, content and poignant symbolism. Typically I work in series to explore ideas and approaches more deeply. My work integrates color, changing light and reflection, texture, dimension and layering. It combines natural elements with layered, hand-painted or hand-dyed components, including ephemeral elements, such as milkweed and broken glass. 

Through my journey as a public and gallery artist, an educator and therapeutic facilitator, creative dimensions intertwine, informing each other. For thirty-five years Iíve worked with people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities in diverse urban and rural settings, facilitating the revitalization of individuals and communities. These visual arts programs and public art projects led organically into the field of arts for wellness. For twenty-three years Iíve facilitated those touched by traumatic brain injury, cancer, mental and other illnesses, or physical disabilities. Iíve orchestrated diverse people in the creation of collaborative environments and murals for highly trafficked public settings. With an oncology group, I built a Healing Arbor on a city waterfront that became a long term, beloved public place.

Currently, Iím orchestrating three public art projects that seek to positively transform uncertainty. Through artistic states of unknowing creativity helps individuals and societies live with perspective and full engagement, in synque with natureís cycles and the shaping of waves. In the embracing of uncertainty, I envision metamorphosis occurring in successive, upward transitions or bardos. These continuous states realign inner chemistry, propagating fundamental processes of growth. As we transform uncertainty and metamorphosize, I envision spiritual ascension.