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                                                                                                                                                                  Water   Seasonal   Wallpieces




Since my days as a young artist I loved painting the landscape, directly on site.  Though challenging, vulnerable to changing light, wind and temperatures, I enjoy working in the elements, responding to the forces of nature.  For me landscape painting is similar to swimming, hiking, or journaling, a means to become more intimate with a particular configuration of nature, during a particular time and season.  Never still, nature changes moment to moment.  The ocean, and even calmer waters, are the most challenging subject matter with their constantly moving currents.  In its many forms from tranquility to forceful dynamism, the water embodies transformation itself.  In recent years my plein air painting has been largely focused on seasonal fall to winter transformations and spring, summer waterway studies.  In the past two years my interest in the movements of water has evolved into dimensional wallpiecesas well as on site painting.