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My art is my lifeforce, my spiritual guide.  Inspired by the cycles of nature, my large and small scale art is focused on the fragility of life, living with uncertainty and renewal.  I explore ephemeral cycles of life, death and regeneration, symbolically evidenced in the fluidity of water and the movement of tides.  I explore sites over time and basic concerns, in series.  Over the years I balanced my own evolution as an artist with the demands of diverse populations in the public realm.  As a multi-dimensional artist, educator and facilitator with a wide vision, I interwove various threads in the creation of my own work and the art of others.

For the past thirty years I guided people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to manifest individual and community revitalization through the visual arts.  I worked as an artist-in-residence in inner city and rural neighborhoods in schools and other community settings.  For the past sixteen years I focused on arts for wellness in healthcare and other settings.  I orchestrated large-scale projects with non professional, intergenerational, well and ill groups.  I collaborated with architects, landscape designers, scientists, city planners, arts and other

professionals.   These community based, public art projects are exemplified in a contemplative, Healing Arbor, created with those touched by cancer, a Path of Renewal, created with traumatic brain injured artists, and murals or wallpieces, incorporating the art components of diverse groups.  Through cumulative creative processes, individuals enjoy a richer engagement with life as their communities are ingested with beauty and meaning. 

My own art manifests from a deeply personal perspective, as well as a public, community based consciousness.  I have evolved as a public and gallery artist, developing a visual language that integrates multiple layers and realities into dimensional wall pieces, sculptures and installations.  In particular I focused on the creation of indoor and outdoor, site-specific environments, using transparent and ephemeral natural and man-made elements.  Since 1994 I created a series of Lifeforce installations along local waterways, incorporating indigenous elements.  Annually I create site-specific outdoor environments in regional sculpture exhibitions, seeking to blend with their natural settings, often water based. their

based.       continued