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Gallery works include Fragility of Life mixed-media wallpieces, sculptures and installations.  Cycles of Renewal, a series of dimensional wallpieces honor those who have passed away.  Two series embody my best friend who suffered an untimely death, incorporating her art components and importantly, her spirit.  Gallery installations may be inspired by special places, such as the Hudson River, with collected waterway and other elements.  Other works created in series include dimensional water studies and stages of winemaking, as well as seasonal, painted landscapes and ocean studies.

I investigate new ways to depict what I experience directly, and what my work in the world teaches me.  To balance complex community work I live quietly, allowing for a consistent, concentrated and passionate daily art practice.  My career continues with a heightened imperative to synthesize the various dimensions of my work.  Thus, I strive to create my deepest, most evolved art, while facilitating others in the creation of their art, in ever more effective ways. 

In my pursuit of authenticity, integrity and beauty I experiment with materials, techniques, content, and poignant symbolism.  My own art and the art I facilitate with others is infused with an appreciation of nature’s gifts, its lessons, and its inherent intelligence.

Ultimately, this work is most successful when the magic of creativity ushers all of us into the unknown.  The works of art that result are testaments to full engagement in natural processes.  As I mature in my various roles I am developing articles, lectures, and a book to synthesize the poignant lessons I've absorbed, imparting the power of creativity to a wider audience.