In recent years there has been a growing awareness among professionals and the general public that the arts can promote wellness.  This awareness has led to increasing numbers of creativity based programs offered around this country and elsewhere.  Through the Engagement With Life, Arts For Wellness model ongoing, educational, therapeutic, and empowerment processes can be offered to any community.  For those who participate, creativity will transform life’s challenges into positive nourishment, calm fulfillment, and a richer engagement with life, filled with integrity.

This model includes three connected pursuits.  First there needs to be an ongoing workshop program that invites a targeted group or participants of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities, to explore the visual arts in safe, nurturing open studio environments.  Secondly, the exhibition of diverse works of art in local communities, created through the workshop programs, empowers the creators while raising awareness of the great work that uplifts the viewing environments.  Thirdly, the creation of large scale, collaborative public art, incorporating the work of many participants, for highly trafficked indoor and outdoor spaces, creates living sanctuaries for healing, repose, meeting, special events, and expanding awareness. 

Creativity makes the unknown magical, necessary, and welcomed.  While in life disorientation can be scary and threatening, in art this condition is an asset.  Creativity teaches openness and trust, a nourishing and calming process.  It helps individuals connect with their souls as discovery occurs on the deepest levels of consciousness. 


Engagement With Life Arts Programs and projects offer creative experiences while helping all people propagate balance and wellness in these challenging times.

These are serious fine arts programs that focus on diverse modalities and media of the visual arts.  An open studio atmosphere, where all are respected as artists, and a regular workshop process facilitates safe experimentation in drawing, painting, collage, stained glass, sculpture, and environment building.  Attitudinal health is of the utmost importance.  Acceptance of self, staying open and non judgmental, taking risks and trusting the process will be nurtured.  Participants will be encouraged to work cumulatively as one step leads to the next and then, the next.  This awareness builds everyone’s confidence.  Each person will be encouraged to discover his or her authentic voice.  Individuals will inspire each other as they ingest the group setting with creativity and positivism, opening avenues for growth and relaxation.

Importantly, these programs will include individual and collaborative artmaking, implementing a process that will revitalize participants while enriching and renewing the community at large.  People of all backgrounds and abilities can work on individual art-making of their own choice or follow suggested projects that build cumulatively over time.  The work can be spontaneous and/or focused on specific issues.  Each program can build from a workshop process encouraging individual work, building up to the creation of collaborative, large scale public art.